Sunday, December 27, 2009

15 Awesome Pictures of Skydiving

Would you have the balls to go skydiving? I’ve often contemplated whether or not I’d have the cajones to jump out of a plane thousands of feet up in the air. I’ve done the whole parasailing thing but that’s quite different. In parasailing, the chute is already open so you kind of have a bit better sense of safety knowing that if the rope breaks that you’re not going to crash head first into the ground doing 300mph.

But I will say that anyone I’ve talked to who’s actually gone skydiving has given it nothing short of rave reviews. Apparently it’s a tremendous rush and you’re screaming with excitement the entire time. I may never develop the strength to jump out of a plane but I’m getting married soon so there, that’s just as crazy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

7 lbs Pizza With 4.5 Inches of Topping

The dough – 732kcal:Tomato paste 366kcal and 400g of ham 520kcal:
100g/3.512oz fresh onion – 30kcal:
150g/5.269oz of button mushroom – 90kcal:
240g/8.43oz of wonderful bacon – 768kcal:
170g/5.971oz of shrimp – 145kcal:
340g/11.942oz of pineapple – 190kcal:
200g/7.025oz of salami – 780kcal:
275g/9.659oz of mayonnaise – 1980kcal:
750g/26.344oz of mixed cheese – 2700kcal:
More bacon, 120g/4.215oz – 384kcal:
Was hard to get this picture right with only two hands, but it is 4,5″ tall:
Just added an egg at the top – 90kcal:
Some herbs and a little bit of asparagus – 14kcal:
And here we go! 8789kcal of wonderful pizza, weigh in at fantastic 7.08lbs. Better than Gordon Ramsay: